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Hi ! I am Samy Libsig, French mechanical engineer and Industrial Designer, graduate (M.Eng) of the Belfort-Montbéliard University of Technology (UTBM). Originally from eastern France, I am currently working and living in Montréal, Canada.

Though my curricula choices and work experiences I’ve been aiming to seamlessly connect technicality and user experience for the sake of innovation  and successful products.

Eager to step forward in that direction and pushed by a deep interest for design in the transportation industry, I took up the challenge to Co-Found ONMOTIO to provide Concept Design and Product Development services as well as to develop our own innovative vehicles.



Bringing engineers and designers closer together, integrating users needs and expectations during the early stages of the design process. Those are the goals of the multidisciplinary training offered by the « Ergonomics, Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering » (EDIM) program of UTBM, in order to create innovative products and systems that fit future users.


What I like

As my training, I am really interested by both technical and artistic topics. I enjoy be aware of the scientific and technical advance and especially about aviation and IT. I also love photography, short films making and Industrial Design.

Moreover, Internet has become a real part of me, by allowing me to learn about all my interests and get insipired every day.

Ever since I was a child, my parents passed the passion of outdoor sports on to me. I tried a lot of differents sports, including snowboarding (13 years experience) and kiteboarding (5 years experience), Rock-climbing. Any geographic situation does not allow me to enjoy all these sports at the same time.


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