Some food photography at Le Petit Kembs


Le Petit Kembs restaurant kindly asked me to shoot some pictures of  meals they could serve, to illustrate their future website. Here is a little extract of that day photoshoot… More is diplayed in my Flickr album Le Petit Kembs. Bon appétit !


Hamburg Aircraft Interior Design Expo


Wednesday 9th of April I had the opportunity to visit the Hamburg International Aircraft Interior Design Expo. It was a great experience to meet various companies still focused on everything about aircrafts interiors. I was able to see their last seat designs, IFE systems and cabin arrangements, and lots of more things. Flying from LFSB at 6 AM, and coming back at 11 PM, it was really a long day but I have no regrets at all !

2014-04-09 06.46.10
2014-04-09 14.48.48

New website : is live !


Welcome on my new website. It is a new great project of edenpulse. I choose to let him handle this because he si doing a very great job, and even if I have a little knowledge about webdesign, I am now a bit outdated. But it helped us to cooperate efficiently

My two previous websites were more personal pages, about my lifestyle and interests. But right now I am finishing my studies and I wished a nice and clean place to show my resume, achievments and be easily contacted. I am really convinced that nowadays be present on the web is really important and now I am ! I wish you a nice time visiting my pages.