Mosquito 200

Fast and comfortable tandem light aircraft concept

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The Mosquito 200 is a tandem light aircraft concept, dedicated to fly businessmen around like a taxi. It has been developed during five months by five student passionate by aviation. More than a simple industrial design exercise, the brief was to propose a concept as technically coherent as possible.

Project path

Starting from the blank sheet, we followed the classic project path learned during our training program. The following video (with english subtitles available) show the whole development process and work achieved.

Exterior design

The exterior design was oriented in a modern and agressive direction to evoke speed and performance. A great inspiration has been taken from grand tourer cars such as Lamborghini

Interior design

A great attention was paid to the cabin, particularly concerning ergonomics, flight instruments/controls and comfort equipments.

Virtual reality validation

The architecture and equipments have been validated using a virtual reality plateform. It helped to check the overall comfort, positions and accessibility of elements.



Cabin style, colors and materials

The zen and luxurious atmosphere was optained with a continuous amrest line which seems to float from one end to the cabin to the other. The association of chocolate, grey and cream leathers creates a fine and sober colour harmony, perfect for working and relaxing.

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The cockpit

The cockpit’s style, slightly inspired from flighters reminds of the spirit of perfomance of the exterior design.

Its agressive shapes and raw carbon fiber material are soften by finish elements taken from grand tourer cars such as flight controls, ensuring a smooth transition with the back of the cabin.



The aircraft was finally prototyped at a 1:32 scale, using a SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) machine

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