Flax-based ethical and eco-designed outdoor furniture


Ti-C is a 3-back outdoor lounge chair perfect to socialise with your friends and family. With it’s composite shell and cushions, Ti-C is almost totally made out of flax fiber, giving this product a strong eco-design and ethical background. Indeed, the flax presents many benefits regarding ethics and ecology.

This project was not only about designing a product :  on one hand, it was a deep reflexion about ethics, social and eco-design, and on the other hand, an exploration about the sitting position.

Strong ethical and eco-design background

Reduction of petroleum-based material use

Flax fiber reinforcements used avoir using traditional materials which are expensive, polluting and hard to recycle.


Sustainable crops

Flax crops respects the ground by requiring a very little amount of fertiliser and phytosanitary products.
Moreover, the North-West France area benefits of a perfect oceanic climate with enough rainwater to grow the seeds, avoiding extra irrigation which is a waste of water.
Finally, it absorbs 3.7t of CO2, reducing substantially the carbon footprint.

Social philosophy

The social philosophy linked to the product is to help workers who lost their jobs due to companies outsourcing and have trouble to find another position. These worker will be needed to take part in the flax farming, transformation and product manufacturing.



Processes and product development

Ti-C was designed to be quick and easy to manufacture, using common processes such as RTM (Resin Transfert Molding), tubes bending or sewing.
The product is cut into pieces that can be stacked to save space during transportation



Product aesthetic

The flax natural colors and the hamounious tripod achitecture brings simplicity and authenticity to the product. Its enveloping look, inspired from plants like waterlili, creates a comfortable and convivial area.


A study about positions and usage : a product focused on sharing

Be alone, read a book, sleep a bit. Enjoy Ti-C as a couple, have a drink, enjoy a summer breeze. Rest and keep an eye on  the kids playing, have a snack, cuddle with them. Ti-C works also for three : have a chat, play with your friends and share a nice moment.
Ti-C is a collective aera of sharing to enjoy precious moment with family and friends.  Its enevloping look inspired from plants creates a comfortable and convivial aera.

Ergonomics and anthropometry have been taken into account to ensure comfort and optimal position to communicate.


Little mockup of the product


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